WebIOPi 0.5.1 release

Post update : 0.5 release has been updated by 0.5.1 to fix a setup issue.

Around 2000 downloads after the first WebIOPi release, I’m glad to present you the 0.5.1 release. It includes many internal changes to offer you a powerful and simplified tool :

  • New Features
    • REV 2 boards support
    • Added setup script to ease WebIOPi install
    • Use WebIOPi in your own Python scripts
    • Login/Password protection
    • Software PWM
    • Binary sequence output
  • Python Server & REST API
    • Usable as a library
    • Added Python 3 support
    • Removed RPi.GPIO library dependency
    • Improved security
    • Improved file serving
    • Improved REST API
    • Added ability to use custom REST macro
    • Added ability to output a single pulse
    • Added ability to output a binary sequence
    • Added software PWM
  • Javascript Library
    • Improved and simplified
    • Added ability to create custom buttons with one or two callbacks (mousedown and mouseup)
    • Added helpers for new REST functions (macro, pulse, sequence, PWM, …)
  • Other changes
    • PHP Server discontinued

Check the project page and the wiki to download it and get install instructions. Please use the official topic on the RaspberryPi forum to report issues.

Christmas wish list

Everything is done on my free-time, I have many ideas but I miss some things to go further. This is my wish list :

In order to make new cool things for WebIOPi, like SPI, I2C, Serial, Gertboard support

To build and distribute some cool, free, no-ad Android apps for your Raspberry

To distribute some cool, free, no-ad iOS apps for your Raspberry

If you like what I do, and want more free stuff, please encourage and help me with donations. Each Euro count, and all donations will be very much appreciated and be used for the RPi and Open community.

17 thoughts on “WebIOPi 0.5.1 release

  1. Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed and saved me a lot of hours (I’ve bought you a beer through the Paypal donation :p).
    The only small issue I’m experiencing is when I let the app startup at boot that the web page is blank, the authentication (which I changed btw) is successful but the page turns up empty.

    I’m running Adafruit’s Occidentals 2.0 (for the no keyboard/mouse/hdmi support at boot).

    • Do you use the default server or do you use a custom script ?
      If the web page is blank, this is certainly a Javascript issue, you will found a Javascript console in Chrome, Firefox, IE that may give you the error.
      Many thanks for the beer, cheers !

    • I also get the blank page, using the default (and run at boot). The error Safari throws up at me is on line 125 of webiopi.js

      $.getJSON(w().context + “map”, function(data) {

      Error given is “Reference Issue cannot find variable: $”

    • This is because jQuery cannot be loaded for some mysterious reason when webiopi is loaded at startup.
      It worked on my first SDCard, but not since I changed and installed a fresh new raspbian.

    • It will work if I restart the service manually by typing:
      $ sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi restart

      any pointers welcome as I’m probably missing the obvious :(

  2. Hi there

    This is a fantastic project, and really does help peoples ideas become reality.
    I am trying to build a simple project that I can remotely run a command which will turn a gpio pin 17 on for a few seconds and then off again. The basic idea being when we get an alert one of our servers has an issue our monitoring software can run a command on the pi and a light will go off for a few seconds then turn off.

    I lack your deep understanding of REST API and pretty much everything else but feel like this should be really easy with everything I have read about webiopi.
    I think the use of a Macro or even compiling a simply C program like your example would probably be the best way to go but yea as I said lack the deep understanding you have to confidently do this myself.

    If you have any insights, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  3. when I visit raspberrypi:8000/webiopi/
    I am asked for password -> logon works
    but then just a blank page. Restarting service has no effect.
    In chrome-console I get message: Uncaught Error: NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8
    in webiopi.js line 81

    same error when visiting /webiopi/app/expert

    • Yes the PiStore needs a GUI.
      I’m also using the Pi headless, but still be able to use the Store through tightvncserver and VNC viewer.
      But if you use the trunk, you are already up-to-date.