Dec 22

WebIOPi on the PiStore !

Following the PiStore announcement, I submitted WebIOPi so you can now install it in one single click from the store. This is a new version (0.5.2), that includes few changes and fixes :

  • Fixed blank page and file handling when server start at boot
  • Improved macros handling to allow zero, one, or more args
  • Added server loop helper
  • Improved for the PiStore
  • Added for the PiStore to open the browser

You can find it on the PiStore WebIOPi page, but you need to use the PiStore on the Pi to install it.

I’m working on the next 0.5.3 version which will be released on both Google Code and PiStore. For people who need the 0.5.2 release but think they cannot use the PiStore without a display, you can install tightvncserver on the Pi and VNC Viewer on your computer.